Why i Love to Travel

It’s taken me a while to realize how much I love to travel. For several years, while I hustled relentlessly to make a mark for myself, unconsciously I did miss out on taking some time off, doing things that would fill my heart with joy, eyes with glee and soul with happiness.

I didn’t really understand the importance of holidays, the leaves I can avail and then make the most of it to travel, to gain more exposure, to make new friends, to explore different cultures, different countries, cities and towns.

When I did, I haven’t stopped. I make sure to travel every year, preferably to a new destination I haven’t explored before and that, trust me, makes me very happy.

Once a Year, Go Someplace you’ve never been before — Dalai Lama

I guess, finally I am able to put down my thoughts on why I love to travel.

I think there isn’t anything like travelling. Exploring new places or even returning to your favorite place. Travel gives you the opportunity to meet new people, explore new places and eat good food too 😊. It gives you a new perspective towards life, all of which you have been missing out on being so wrapped up in your daily routines of working, eating, sleeping. Travel gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you more willing to push your boundaries. It’s easy to maintain your status quo at home but not at a new place among new people, you know.

Away from home, one learns to enjoy change and transition more than you used to. You realize you are stronger than you thought. You learn to appreciate the little things. You learn to be just more “Aware” and finally you understand what “home” actually is and what it means.

To conclude, travelling is good for a person of any age. You must travel to create new memories, to gain more knowledge, to meet new people and most importantly to form a better understanding of yourself and your beliefs and be able to live life to the fullest.

So people, do travel and eat yummy food I say 😊

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