Real Desert Man Safari – Jaisalmer

Real Desert Man Safari is the best in Jaisalmer. I say this considering several aspects.

1) Safety for Female Travellers –
We were two females who opted for their safari. Also to mention that we opted for the one “Under the Stars” and not the tent. We were well taken care off right from the start at Savai’s office. Not only that, he was willing to make arrangements to take us to the tent in the middle of the night if a situation arised that we couldn’t stay in the desert.

2) Experience – It was magical. I wanted a longer camel ride and Savai made sure I get the best experience at no extra cost. He appointed a good camel guide for me. Khaitan, my camel guide was knowledgeable and made all efforts to get me the best possible experience throughout. The dunes that we were taken to for sunset was a private one with no crowd and hence we got the opportunity to have some peaceful time watching the sunset.

The cultural program at the camp was amazing with some local musicians singing and dancing to authentic rajasthani numbers.

The food spread was tasty and pentiful. We were given some starters (chips and pakodas) in the beginning to start with, followed by a buffet for dinner. All this while we were enjoying the cultural program. These guys also have a stall put up at the camp where you can buy alcohol, soft drinks and hookah. No need to carry it along.

3) Customized – I wanted a camel safari and my friend din’t want to take a camel ride. However, we both wanted to enjoy the rest of the experience. Savai was considerate enough to this request and made an arrangement for a jeep to take my friend to the dunes for sunset while i reached there on the camel.

The basis necessities such as bottled water,extra blankets etc. will all be available at the venue.

I also happened to check out their tents and those were spacious with comfortable beds and clean

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